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Sacrifice bunt

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Q: What does the S in baseball hitters' box scores refer to?
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What does SF mean in box scores baseball?

Sacrifice Fly

What do game scores mean in a box score in baseball?


What does the abbreviation ibb stand for in baseball box scores?

Intentional Base on Balls

Does the player in the penalty box get a minus if the other team scores on power play?

If a player is in the penalty box and some one scores you get to get out of the box. Example: I get a penalty and my team scores I get to get out. Or I'am in the penalty box and then the other team scores I get to get out.

Bi baseball stat?

Short form of RBI (runs batted in) used on box scores to save space.

What was the reason that baseball sports writers in 1884 used the nick name of Connie Mack instead of this players real name of Cornelius McGillicuddy?

The box scores of baseball games published in newspapers of 1884 had no room for such a long name. Therefore the nickname of Connie Mack saved space both in box scores and write ups on baseball games.

What day of the week was September 27 1979?

It was Thursday, according to: gives the box score for a baseball game played that day.

What does TR stand for in basketball box scores?

Total Rebounds

What does st mean in basketball box scores?

st stands for steal

How do you calculate plenum box size?

refer to TROX

Why was Lou Gehrig called Tanglefoot?

Because he was supposed to have stumbled over a row of baseball bats lined up near the dugout box for the hitters to pick their bats from.

Is an ornate box big or small?

Ornate does not refer to the size of the box, rather the decoration. An ornate box would be a box decorated with a good deal of intricate work.

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