What does shackelford mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Its a funeral homes company. Please push trust me. =)

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Q: What does shackelford mean?
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What is the birth name of Ted Shackelford?

Ted Shackelford's birth name is Theodore Tillman Shackelford III.

What does the name Shackelford mean?

it originally came from the origin as one who builds shackles.

How tall is Ted Shackelford?

Ted Shackelford is 185 cm.

When did Francis Shackelford die?

Francis Shackelford died in 1973.

How tall is Carter Shackelford?

Carter Shackelford is 5' 9".

What has the author Ethel Shackelford written?

Ethel Shackelford has written: 'The Life of Me'

What is Ted Shackelford's birthday?

Ted Shackelford was born on June 23, 1946.

When was Ted Shackelford born?

Ted Shackelford was born on June 23, 1946.

What has the author A Shackelford Sullivan written?

A. Shackelford Sullivan has written: 'A questionable marriage'

When was Sonny Shackelford born?

Sonny Shackelford was born on 1985-04-13.

When did Edmund Meredith Shackelford die?

Edmund Meredith Shackelford died in 1857.

When was Edmund Meredith Shackelford born?

Edmund Meredith Shackelford was born in 1786.