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A "revenue generating sport" helps to raise money/fund for the organizer of the event. They are marked by various sponsors and costly entry fees.

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Q: What does revenue generating sport mean?
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Most revenue generating sport in UK?

My guess would be football..

What is the most revenue-generating spectator sport?

Sports are a great past-time for all people and tend to generate a lot of revenue. It is believed that baseball generates the most revenue amongst all other sports.

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Non-revenue generating support areas

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Generating revenue to pay for the publication.

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Non-revenue generating support areas

What is the Importance of hotel industry in generating foreign exchange?

to increase revenue in a country

May one visit a website without generating ad revenue for the website owner?

If the monetization elements on the page you visit require that you click on them then you won't be generating any revenue unless you click on them. If the page has display ads (graphical ads) then loading them (when you load the page) will generate revenue.

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Freedom of information for everyone, while generating advertising revenue.

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