What does obease mean?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Rebecca Bain and davids lip! <3

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Q: What does obease mean?
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If you are twelve and ten stone are you obease?


What is obease for an 11 year old?

it depends on the height

Is eggman fat?

He is obease, but strangly athletic.

How old is charli carter?

14 and counting and is really obease

What happened to make the Vietnam war begin?

they were unaware of the obease people

How do you spell obease?

The likely word is obese, meaning very overweight.

What is the percentage of obease people in America?

Approximately 42.4% of adults in the United States are obese, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Why do some schools don't allow swim team?

some kids can not swim but it still would be a good thing for them to learn and some schools do not have even money for a swim team. If we have an obease state you should put do what you have to do if you dont want an obease state.

What are two health risks that are linked to a high fat diet?

1. Becoming obease 2. Getting health risks

How much does the average 10 year old weigh?

A average 10 year old 90 pounds no less no bigger if a slight bigger your kid is okay if way bigger obease if smaller it is fine lots smaller she is under weight so about 50 to 60 is under over to obease is 115 and up

Can obesity lead to death?

being obease can be deadly although in some cases it isn't the persons fault (for instance a person with type 1 diabetes). Being obease can sometimes cause breathing problems and can sometimes lead to a heart attack.

How has health quality in the US changed over decade?

People are living longer but now more and more people are becoming obease.