What does busca mean in spanish?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Find out yourself. ( it means find ) Buscar is the unconjugated version. De nada.

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Q: What does busca mean in spanish?
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What does busca la experesion equivalente en espanol mean in English?

Look for the equivalent expression in Spanish.

How do you say get help in spanish?

Busca ayuda

What does busca chica means?

"Busca chica" means "looking for a girl" in Spanish. It signals that someone is in search of a female companion or partner.

How do you ask what are you lookin for in spanish?

¿Qué busca / buscan / buscas / buscáis?

What is 'Find help' when translated from English to Spanish?

Translation: Busca ayuda

What does se buscas gente divertida mean?

"Se buscas gente divertida" is not grammatically correct in Spanish. The correct form would be "Se busca gente divertida," which translates to "fun people wanted" in English.

What is the spanish word for terrier?

perro de busca (literally 'search hound')

What does si yo soy lo que busca a qui estoy mean in English?

It means: if I am the one that searches for "qui" I am. (Qui is not a spanish word).

What does buscas mean in English?

busca means lookbusca tu camisa.look for ur shirt.

How do you say do you need some loving in spanish?

¿Busca usted un poco de cariño?

What does quien lo busca mean?

Translation: Who’s looking for him?

What is Busca's population?

Busca's population is 9,671.