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Reggie Miller no longer plays Basketball. He is a commentator for TNT, appearing on most Thursdays throughout the NBA regular season and post season.

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Q: What does Reggie Miller do when he is not playing basketball?
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Who is marissa miller dating?

Reggie Miller the old basketball player.

Who holds the record for the most jump shots in basketball?

reggie miller

What famous basketball player wear the jersey number thirty one?

Reggie Miller!

How many 3 point shots has reggie miller made?

According to Basketball Reference, Reggie Miller made 2,560 three pointers in 6,486 attempts for a career three point average of .395.

What nicknames does Reggie Miller go by?

Reggie Miller goes by Killer Miller.

What is the birth name of Reggie Miller?

Reggie Miller's birth name is Miller, Reginald Wayne.

When was Reggie Miller born?

Reggie Miller was born on August 24, 1965.

What is Reggie Miller's birthday?

Reggie Miller was born on August 24, 1965.

For playing what sport is Brad Miller known for?

Brad Miller is a former professional basketball player.

What are the hidden nicknames in basketball?

Here are some of the nicknames that usually dont come out in basketball: Reggie Miller- Killer Miller Caron Butler- Tuff Juice Joe Johnson- Armadillo Cowboy; Joe Cool Allen Iverson- The Answer

Who has the most career 3 point field goals attempted?

Reggie Miller played 18 years in the Nation Basketball Association. Miller was a former member of the Indiana Pacers.

What did the Miller brother achieve in their careers?

The Miller brothers were sports icons. Reggie was a basketball player and his brother Darrell was a baseball player. Reggie was known for his 3 point shots during clutch situations. Darrell was known for being a catcher for the California Angels.