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Mimi Langlander wears the clothes Conker the dot-catcher got her to take from the 'red hooks' because they didn't want the Blue Queen's butterflies to recognise them, and because Mimi's clothes made her look like a dweeb, Leo said.

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Q: What does Mimi wear in The Key To Rondo?
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When was The Key to Rondo created?

The Key to Rondo was created in 2007.

Who wrote the book the Key to Rondo?

The Key to Rondo was written by Emily Rodda.

Who are the characters in the wizard of rondo?

The characters are Leo Zifkak and Mimi Langlander (main) freda and conker (friends in rondo) Bertha (pig,model and friend in rondo) Wizard bing (wizard) spoiler (evil uncle of Leo and Mimi) Ty ( friend ) Moult (chicken) Simon (accused of killing wizard bing).They are all the main characters in the wizard of rondo.

Who is Tye in the Key to Rondo?

Tye is the last of the Terlamaines, a long lost tribe of Rondo citizens feared and hated by many because of their skin colour. Pretty racist, but yeah. Tye's friends are Hal, Conker, Freda, Bertha, Mimi and Leo. She is actually harmless.

Why did Emily rodda write the book the wizard of rondo?

to go with the key to rondo

Who wrote the key to rondo?

Emily Rodda wrote the key to rondo. PS. if you haven't read it it's an awesome book!

What is the setting of the key to rondo?


Who are the characters from The battle for Rondo?

There's Hal, Leo, Mimi, Conker, Freda, Jolly and Merry there the ones I can think of

Are there chapter summaries for The Key to Rondo?


Who are the main characters from the key to rondo?

The main characters in 'The Key to Rondo' by Emily Rodda are Leo Zifkak, Mimi Langlander, and the sorceress Tye. Leo and Mimi are siblings who discover a magical music box that transports them to the enchanted world of Rondo, where they embark on a dangerous adventure to save the kingdom. Tye is a powerful sorceress who helps them on their quest.

Is there Emily rodda going to write another book for the rondo series?

Emily Rodda has wriiten two more installments set after the events in the Key to Rondo. They are : The Wizard of Rondo The Battle for Rondo

Is there a key to rondo movie?

No. There is not going to be a Key to Rondo Movie at the moment.