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2 Varsity years

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Q: What does 2V stand for under experience on a sports roster?
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What Does RS stand for under experience on a sports roster?


What does 1 2 and 3 letter stand for under experience on a sports roster?

It means the years "Lettered" in that particular sport. For example in football you must play a certain number of plays during a season to receive a varsity letter. Each team sets their own standard for requirements to earn a letter.

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What does SQ stand for under experience on a sports roster?

"SQ" stands for "squad". It means that the player has previously been part of the team, but they have seen no playing time. If they had played in any games, you would see "1L", "2L", or "3L" behind their name, signifying how many letters they had earned for playing in games.

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