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use a pressure gauge simple i think u get t in any sports store

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Q: What do you to messuer air pressure in a football?
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Is the pressure inside a football is caused by the air particles inside the ball crashing into the wall of a football?

The pressure inside a football is caused by the air particles inside the ball being compressed by the addition of increasing amounts of air. The standard PSI of a professional football is 13 psi (Pounds per square inch).

How can air pressure effect how far you can throw a football?


Does air pressure inside a football effect how far you can throw it?


Why soft underinflated football at sea level much firmer when it is taken to a high elevation in the mountains?

The air inside the semi-deflated football is able to expand due to the lessening of air pressure in higher altitudes.

Why is it that when a football is blown until it is hard on a hot summer day and then in the evening the football feels softer?

The air inside the football expands in the heat, causing it to become harder. When the football cools down in the evening, the air inside contracts, making the football feel softer. Temperature changes can influence the pressure of the air inside the football, impacting its firmness.

Is football a polyhedron?

Approximately, yes. A polyhedron is made up of flat faces whereas the faces of a football are curved out because of the air pressure.

Why does air pressure reduce on top of the mountain?

Air pressure is the weight of the air above you. When you ascend to some altitude above the Earth's surface, part of the air is beneath you, so the weight of the air above you, and therefor the pressure where you are, is reduced. Exactly the same reason that the pressure on the football player in the middle of the pile-up is less than the pressure on the guy with the ball, at the bottom of the pile.

Why does the air pressure in a football effect how far you can throw it?

because ur hand wont beable to grip the ball

How much Air pressure in NFL football?

76-90 kpa or 11-13 psi

What is the weather term of how heavy the air is?

Air Pressure

How many pounds of air pressure used to fill an NFL size football before the games?

7-9 lbs

How much air pressure goes in a football?

For an Association football, 8-12 psi. For an American football, 12.5-13.5 psi. For an Australian football, 9-11 psi.