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Determing what type of race you are running and at what level, if this is a track race you will not run through anything except at international level when you will run through a light gate. Running cross country/ martahon/off road if you were 1st you would run through a ribbon occcasionly but this is not correct for every race.

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Q: What do you run through at the end of the race?
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Why is race run on grass

If you can sprint at the end of a race does it mean you haven't worked hard enough?

It depends on the race, but in general you should have a little energy left for the kick at the end. If you still have energy after the race then you probably didn't run to the best of your abilities, but sprinting at the end is normally a good thing.

Is it worked fairly for runners who start on different lines?

The Distance they run is the same by the end of the race.

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