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Q: What do you feel after finishing a goal?
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Who takes the credit for finishing up the Panama Canal?

It was Theodore Roosevlt's first goal and ended up finishing it.

How do you celebrate a goal with any finishing move for Fifa 10?

Go to Controls and then go to Celebrations press R1 and it will say finishing moves

What is the meaning of the afrikaans word WENPAAL?

End-goal, - or literally: Finishing pole.

What does a striker need to be successful?

A striker needs quality in finishing the strike when he scores a goal.

What is a sentence for disinclination?

After finishing my exams, I feel a great disinclination to do my homework.

on sims free play iPod version How do you get a new goal without finishing the last one?

You can't

When some scores a goal how do they feel?

They feel awesome!

What does achieving a goal feel like?

Achieving a goal makes people feel happy. The feeling of achievement brings satisfaction and pride.

What are some slogans for goal setting?


When do you feel that you are the happiest person?

I feel very happy when I am with my lover. I am also happy when I achieve my goal.

How do you determine Half marathon pace?

For pace in minutes per mile, divide your finishing time by 13.11. For pace in minutes per kilometer, divide your finishing time by 21.1. If you're a runner and you are attempting to determine an appropriate pace or time goal, search for "McMillan's Running Calculator" which does a reasonable job of estimating your pace based on finishing time of other races.

What is Goal and what kinds of goal?

The white box-shaped apparatuses at the end of a soccer field-Larry