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National Sanitation Foundation

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Q: What do the initials NSF in NSF safety counsel mean?
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What does the Banking Term FED Notice NSF indicate?

I'm uncertain what the initials "FED" might mean, but the initials "NSF" stand for non-sufficient funds.

What does the FED (or Fed) stand for?

I'm uncertain what the initials "FED" might mean, but the initials "NSF" stand for non-sufficient funds.

What is the motto of NSF International?

The motto of NSF International is 'The public health and safety company'.

According to the Florida plumbing code what are the initials nsf for?

National Sanitation Foundation

What does NSF approval mean in coffeepots?

National Sanitary Foundation. It is a certification that the appliance has met strict criteria for clean-ability and safety. Household items often have a UL approval, and commercial items need to have the stricter NSF approval.

What does nsf mean in football?

Not standard formation

What does NSF approved mean on PVC pipe?

The presence of the NSF designation on pipe means it was tested for compliance with one or more voluntary national standards. Common designations include NSF-pw and NSF-61, both of which mean the pipe is intended for potable water applications. Pipe displaying NSF-dwv should only be used for drain, waste or vent applications.

What does NSF approved mean?

Found 247 uses for NSF but it is almost certainly for National Science Foundation which has tested a product and found that it is safe and does what it is suppose to do.

What does nsf 2 mean?

Probably "number of significant figures = 2".

Where could certification in food management be gained?

Food Management certification could be completed through NSF International, a leader in food safety certification. NSF International offers certifications in SQF, BRC, GLOBALG.A.P, FSSC, and IFS.

What does NSF mean in slang?

NSF has several meanings depending on context.When dating or casually chatting online, NSF means "Not So Fast."For example:clumsy: u want 2 go 2 movies?sprout: NSF, let's talk more...In a financial context, NSF means "Not Sufficient Funds" meaning that the account owner attempted to withdraw more funds than available in the account.

Other word for NSF check?

an NSF cheque is often called a "bounced" cheque