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they liked to sit around talking about the old days

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Q: What do retired coins like to do?
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max gear and stuff also a lot of coins like 200,000 coins or maybe 300,000

What Do Retired Coin Dealers Like To Do geometry?

what do retired coin dealers like to do? answer: just sit around and talk about old dimes

What did Louis Armstrong do when he retired?

i like weaner

How do you get coins in Littlebigplanet?

There are no coins in littlebigplanet.There are score bubbles and decorations that look like coins!

What is the value of Ancient Roman Coins by Franklin Mint retired over 12-15 years?

i got the same question ! any one?

How many types of discontinued British coins exist?

There are approximately 20 modern British coins that have been retired. Some of those include: farthing, half penny, groat, guinea, penny, threepence, and one shilling.

What do uncirclulated coins look like?

Uncirculated coins have no wear. They have not been used.

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Yes it does seem like it.

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They won't, the Susan B Anthony dollars are retired and replaced by the presidential and Sacajawea dollar coins. The Susan B Anthony dollars were the most unpopular US coin in modern history and will not be remade.

Coins held in commercial banks are?

You are talking about money coins. but there are artificial coins also like challenge coins. Do you know about this?

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They are like where retired things go. They do not actually exist (not an actual room) but are more of a term for a place for retired items.