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Different kinds of sports like walking, jogging, tennis, Basketball, boating, Baseball, softball, track events, boating, mountain climbing, and golf have specialized shoes.

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Q: What different kinds of sports have specialized shoes?
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What different kinds of sports have specialzied shoes?

Your mama and youre dada

Why are shoes for different sports different?

You need different abilities to do different sports. That's the same as shoes. Like a soccer shoe... it gives you a good grip on the grass.

What are the different kinds of shoes?

There are many different types of shoes:stilettosbootspumpsflatssneakersflip-flopssandalstrainersheels

What kind of shoes does Sports Direct sell?

Sports direct, which is a high quality sports store, sells many different varieties of shoes. These include, but are not limited to, tennis shoes, cleats, spikes, and leisure shoes.

What brands of shoes does Champs Sports sell?

Champs Sports sells different types of sports shoes. They sell women's and men's boots, running shoes, casual shoes, and sandals and slides. They also sell men's basketball shoes.

What types of shoes are sold by Etonic?

The Etonic company mainly sells different types of sports shoes. Some examples of sports shoes that they sell include golf shoes, bowling shoes, and running shoes.

Why kinds of Asics running shoes is best for kids?

Asics makes a variety of running shoes to fit a variety of different age groups. Academy sports offers Asics running shoes for kids. They have a great selection and fair pricing.

What type of shoes does Hannah Montana wear?

all different kinds of shoes! by Sarah and braxton

Why do sports shoes have different tread examples?

Just because

Does zellers sell slip on shoes?

Yes, many different kinds.

How many kinds of shoes does Rockport make?

Rockport Shoes makes all different kinds of shoe styles, from everyday flats, sneakers, workout shoes and shoes for that special occasion. Rockport also carries all shoe sizes.

Which type of soles are used in shoes of different sports?

there can be many answers to this question.

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