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Q: What did the lighting bug say when he backed up into the window fan?
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What did the lightning bug say when it backed into the window fan?

That he or she was delighted.

What did the lightning bug say when he went into the window fan?

I'm Delighted

Who is lighting the hedgehog?

A Sonic fan character.

Is there a manufacturer of window fans that produces a fan with only two blades?

A twin window fan is considered to have two fan blades. Holmes is one of many manufacturers of such a fan. In reality, a window fan will have at least three blades per fan unit with a twin fan have 6 blades total.

If its a 103 degrees outside and you close the window and turn on the fan would it be much cooler?

If it is simply a fan, it would be best to run the fan with the window open. Closing the window will just make it worse.

Do any brands have home lighting ceiling fan fixtures that would work in a bathroom?

Do any brands have home lighting ceiling fan fixtures that would work in a bathroom?

Is a bathroom exhaust fan necessary if you have a bathroom window?

Yes. The mechanical code now requires a fan even when there is an operable window.

How many watts are in a window fan?

The power consumption of a window fan can vary depending on the model and settings, but most window fans typically consume between 30 to 100 watts per hour when operating. It's always best to check the manufacturer's specifications for the specific wattage of your window fan.

Why is my money going out the window?

Because it is being mismanaged or the fan by the window is on too high and it is blowing the currency out of the window

Where can one purchase fan light kits for a ceiling fan?

Light kits for ceiling fans can be purchased from Amazon, Home Depot, Lamps Plus, Lowe's, Sea Gull Lighting, Hunter Fan, Hansen Wholesale, Lighting Direct, Wayfair, and Overstock.

What do the fan and heat nobs control on the dash of a 71 bug?

The knob marked "fan" controls the fan speed. The knob marked "heat" controls the amount of heat the fan will blow out.

Should you have a window open when ceiling fan is on?