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She presented many programmes for the BBC which was about sports and the olympic games which was hosted in China on 8th Augest 2008

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Q: What did Sally gunnell do after retiring?
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What is the birth name of Sally Gunnell?

Sally Gunnell's birth name is Sally Jane Janet Gunnell.

How old is Sally Gunnell?

Sally Hayman is 47 years old (birthdate: March 8, 1963).

What sport event does Sally Gunnell compete in?

400m hurdles

What events is Sally Gunnell famous for?

She is famus for 400,240 meater sprint

Barcelona Olympics Britain gold woman athletics?

That was Sally Gunnell in 400 meter hurdles.

How tall is Sally Layd?

Sally Field is 5' 2.5" tall.

Was sally gunnell a swimmer in the olympic games?

No ... Sally Gunnell of Great Britain competed in athletics at the 1988, 1992, and 1996 Summer Games. She won a gold medal in 400 meter hurdles and a bronze in 4x400 meter relay at the 1992 Games in Barcelona.

Who became the first British female to win olympic track gold this month in 1992?

Sally Gunnell

What actors and actresses appeared in Body Heat - 1994?

The cast of Body Heat - 1994 includes: Sally Gunnell Jeremy Guscott

What is the birth name of Chip Gunnell?

Chip Gunnell's birth name is Charles David Gunnell.

When was Micah Gunnell born?

Micah Gunnell was born in 1980.

How tall is Lee Gunnell?

Lee Gunnell is 5' 7".