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Football is played in virtually every country and territory. For example, there are thousands of football teams in England, but only two in Tristan da Cunha, and also only one in Svalbard.

If the question refers to national teams, then Nauru and the Marshall Islands do not have national teams. Palau and the Federated States of Micronesia are in the process of creating a proper football infrastructure (including a national football team), and the latter has apparently applied for FIFA membership. Apart from the aforementioned countries, even the smallest of the small, and Monaco, have national football teams and their own football leagues. Except the Vatican city which is a religious city

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well a good 40-50 from Africa, a good many from the Middle East. of the 260 countries, i think there are only about 125 at these Olympics. so there are quite a few

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Macau is the only country not to be recognised by the IOC

Countries in the IOC but not competing in the 2008 Olympics are Brunei Darussalam

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Only one country country recognized by the United Nations did not participate, Brunei

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Q: What countries do not have an Olympic team?
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