What conference is Memphis in?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Memphis is in Conference USA. The School has tried many times since its founding to join other conferences. Numerous efforts have been made at joining the SEC only to be blackballed by Ole Miss.

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Q: What conference is Memphis in?
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What conference is Memphis university in?

Conference USA

When was Memphis Conference Female Institute created?

Memphis Conference Female Institute was created in 1843.

Who holds record for most consecutive home conference wins?

Memphis State

Are the Memphis Grizzlies in the East or the West?

They are in the western conference even though they are on the Eastern side of the United States

What college basketball team has the longest winning streak in conference play?

As of today (2/4/09), Memphis has the nation's longest conference winning streak at 49 games. Kentucky holds the record with 64 straight wins in the SEC from 1945 to 1950. West Virginia won 59 straight in the Southern Conference from 1955 to 1960. Memphis

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Why are the NBA's Memphis grizzlies in the West division?

the grizzlies are in the Western Conference since they started in Vancouver. The NBA should re-allign and put Memphis and New Orleans in the East and Milwaukee in the West.

Who is in conference US?

Conference USA is composed of 12 college sports teams: UTEP, Rice, Houston, SMU, Tulsa, Tulane, Memphis, Southern Mississippi, UAB, UCF, East Carolina, and Marshall.

What sport do the Memphis Grizzlies play?

The Memphis Grizzlies are in the business of Professional Basketball and they play the sport of Basketball. They are a Professional Basketball Team that are part of the Memphis Sport Leagues and home court is in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Drew Gooden was the 4th Pick in the 1st Round in the 2002 NBA draft by the Memphis Grizzlies.