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Q: What city has the most sport championships?
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Who holds the most sport's championships?

mr poopoo

Who won the most national championships in a row?

in what sport

Who has the most championships of any sport in the US?


Which city has the most championships?

death ray city

What NCAA school has the most and most consecutive national championships in one one sport?

The most national championships in any one sport:31 NCAA national titles - Kenyon College - Men's Swimming and Diving.The most consecutive national championships in any one sport:31 consecutive national championships - 1980 thru 2010 - by Kenyon Collegein Men's Swimming and Diving

College with the most national championships?

Depends on which sport or sports you are asking about.

What university has the most division 1 championships in one sport?


What team has won the most championships in any professional sport?

The pro sports team that has won the most championships are the Boston Celtics. They won eight consecutive championships from 1959 to 1966.

Which team won most consecutive NCAA championships?

UCLA has won the most consecutive NCAA Division I Men's basketball championships, but Kenyon Univ has the most consecutive championships in any sport with 30 in DIII Swimming and Diving. Hobart College has the most consecutive team championships in any sport with 12 in D III Lacrosse.

What major sport team has the most championships?

The New York Yankees with 26.

Which sportsman has won the most world championships Regardless of the sport?

David Foster

Who is the man athlete with the most world championships in any sport?

Bill Russell.

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