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In the mind of the public, the accused are often guilty whether or not they are ever proven to be so. I needn't go into the details of the O.J. Simpson case to prove my point. This is where steelers fans find themselves today. Ben Roethlisberger, their two-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback, has been proven guilty of nothing. He has never been charged with a crime (except riding a motorcycle without a helmet without the proper license). In the minds of many however, he is guilty of something.Some say it is poor judgement, embarrassing the league and the team. Others will still believe that he raped a college girl in the cramped bathroom of a Georgia nightclub. We are free to believe what we like. We aren't bound by the concept of "innocent until proven guilty"-only the legal system is. The NFL also has no such standard. You are guilty if the commissioner thinks you are guilty. You can be punished for perception, not reality. That is the price you pay to be part of a league where you can become incredibly famous and fabulously wealthy. Most of us aren't held to such a high standard at our own jobs. If we go out and get loaded, do something stupid for which we are not ultimately charged or convicted, we probably are not going to be fired or otherwise punished by our employer. But our transgressions don't make headlines or lead the local news. A star quarterback is a different story entirely. All of these points might lead you to believe that I think Commissioner Goodell is within his right to suspend Ben Roethlisberger for the incident in the Georgia nightclub. Quite the contrary. What do we know about the case: Ben and a very drunk college co-ed ended up in a 5'x 5' employee restroom where Roethlisberger had some sort of sexual contact with the girl. What exactly that was, we're not sure. We know she said she wasn't raped and claims they did not have intercourse, but admits there was sexual contact. What really happened? We don't know and probably never will. Did Roethlisberger take advantage of an intoxicated girl, or was it consensual until she decided that she could get some money out of him? What we do know is that it didn't amount to a crime in the eyes of a Georgia District Attorney. All of this is embarrassing to Ben, the girl, the team, and the league. Now that I have correted the small minded not to mention back woods falasy of Ben spending his free time raping "white women"( or women of any sort) we can get back to the original question; which I believe was "What does Ben Roethlisberger do in his spare time?" Well, Ben does alot even though he has pratice several times a week even in the off season. He has started summer football camps for children as well as several dozen across the country centered on improving chances for inner city youth. He is a very giving individual where it comes to children, weather it be sharing his love of football and giving a child from a struggling family a chance or going above all calls and getting his team mates and fans involved with funding toy drives for more inner city youth. I actually vollunteer at a church that had a huge amount of gifts thanks to our sports stars. They even do alot of this where you dont see it on the news. I personally believe this is a way of remembering his mother,Ida who passed away following a car accident when he was only 8 years old. Ben rarely talks about this episode, but acknowledges Ida by pointing to heaven after every touchdown. Ben is a movie buff and particularly enjoys James Bond movies and actually had aspirations to becoome an FBI agent as a teen. He also enjoys playing basketball. Many don't know that he was a starting role on his high school team.He also loves playing Video Games primarily Playstation. He also loves to eat so much so that the most popular sandwich in Pittsburgh in 2004 was the Roethlis-burger. At Peppi's it is an artery-choking concoction that combines ground beef, sausage, scrambled eggs and provolone. At Brentwood Express, it's a 12-ounce burger with bacon, ranch dressing, bbq sauce, provolone and cheddar cheese. As of now he is also enjoying starting a life with his fiance, they get married this summer and have plans for building a house outside of the city in beaver county, pa.

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ben roethlisberger contributes to the national united states fun for the mentally challenged as well asn the unite negro fund.

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Ben Roethlisberger enjoys playing Golf.

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Q: What charity work does ben roethlisberger do?
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