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you can do your uafa b badge then ur uafa a badge

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Q: What can you do when you get your level 3 fa coaching badge?
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What are the gyms for Pokemon Gold?

#1 Falkner - Zephyr Badge - Violet CityPidgey Level 7Pidgeotto Level 9#2 Bugsy - Hive Badge - Azalea TownMetapod Level 14Kakuna Level 14Scyther Level 16#3 Whitney - Plain Badge - Goldenrod CityClefairy Level 18Miltank Level 20#4 Morty - Fog Badge - Ecruteak CityGastly Level 21Haunter Level 21Gengar Level 25Haunter Level 23#5 Chuck - Storm Badge - Cianwood IslandPrimeape Level 27Poliwrath Level 30#6 Jasmine - Mineral Badge - Olivine CityMagnemite Level 30Steelix Level 35Magnemite Level 30#7 Pryce - Glacier Badge - Mahogany TownSeel Level 27Dewgong Level 29Piloswine Level 31#8 Clair - Rising Badge - Blackthorn CityDragonair Level 37Dragonair Level 37Kingdra Level 40Dragonair Level 37#9 Lt. Surge - Thunder Badge - Vermilion CityRaichu Level 44Electrode Level 40Electabuzz Level 46Electrode Level 40Magneton Level 40#10 Sabrina - Marsh Badge - Saffron CityEspeon Level 46Mr. Mime Level 46Alakazam Level 48#11 Misty - Cascade Badge - Cerulean CityGolduck Level 42Quagsire Level 42Lapras Level 44Starmie Level 47#12 Erika - Rainbow Badge - Celadon CityTangela Level 42Bellossom Level 46Jumpluff Level 41Victreebell Level 46#13 Janine - Soul Badge - Fuchsia CityCrobat Level 36Weezing Level 36Weezing Level 36Ariados Level 33Venomoth Level 39#14 Brock - Boulder Badge - Pewter CityGraveler Level 41Omastar Level 42Rhyhorn Level 41Onix Level 44Kabutops Level 42#15 Blaine - Volcano Badge - Route 20Magcargo Level 45Rapidash Level 50Magmar Level 45#16 Blue - Earth Badge - Viridian CityPidgeot Level 56Rhydon Level 56Alakazam Level 54Gyarados Level 58Arcanine Level 58Exeggutor Level 58

Why does blackburn rovers have a rose in the badge?

They Won the FA cup 3 times in a row and the English league at the time could not pay for the prize so they allowed Blackburn to put their badge on the corner flags. The only team allowed to do so.

How do you get the excellent badge Mario and Luigi Bowser's inside story 3?

Try your best to get to level 40 with mario and luigi. if you get both to this level (Rainbow Rank) the badge will be unlocked. CAUTION! Only attempt to get this badge if your attacks are flawless! The exelent!! badge Is the most powerfull badge, but ONLY exellent strikes the bar, and if you make one mistake, you start all over again!

How do you get the mystery badge in fist punch?

In the blondes lair in level 2, use your dash attack and hit 3 blondes in a row that have laser rings. At the end of the level before the boss 3 blondes with rings should be formed in a line. Use your dash to easily get the mystery badge

3 gym badge what level Pokemon can you use?

the answer is simple via trade is lv 40 i hope i helped

What does level 3 mean in horseriding?

it depends what you mean by that, in horse coaching there are 3 levels that I am aware of. Level 1, is certifieded in that country or province, Level 2 is can teach more advanced riding within that country, and level 3 is international and one of the best in your country. its rare that you get up to level 3. In show jumping there are different classes: Beginner= Level 1 Novice= Level 2 Intermidiate= level 3 and Advanced= Level 4, thats how they do it at my stables, as my coach is a level 3 instructor

Do you need a gym badge to trade pokemon?

The badge you need to have your Pokemon obey you varies by the level of your Pokemon and the region you are playing in (Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, or Sinnoh). View the Related Link below for the determining of what badge you need for your Pokemon.

Who has scored a hat trick in the FA Cup League Cup Old division 1 division 2 division 3 the Prem and at international level?

Robert Earnshaw

How do you get the mystery badge on just a regular game?

You can earn the badge by not missing any shots with the grenade in destroy the destroyer.

Draw 8 bit half adder?

=HA#0-=FA#1-=FA#2-=FA#3-=FA#4-=FA#5-=FA#6-=FA#7=It consists of seven Full-Adder and one Half-Adder, has 2*8 input lines and 9 output line (8+carry).

What is Jim Tressel's current coaching record?

Jim Tressel's current coaching record as of 3-15-11 is 229-78-2.

What is the order of gym badges and their locations in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

1. Location: Orebourgh City, Badge: Coal Badge 2. Location: Eterna City Badge: Forest Badge 3. Location: Veilstone City, Badge: Cobble Badge 4. Location: Pastoria City, Badge: Fen Badge 5. Location: Hearthome City, Badge: Relic Badge6. Location: Canalave City, Badge: Mine Badge 7. Location: Snowpoint City, Badge: Icicle Badge 8. Location: Sunyshore City, Badge: Beacon Badge