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Wagner started out with the Astros went to the Phillies and is now with the Mets.

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1995-2003: Houston Astros

2004-2005: Philadelphia Phillies

2006-present: New York Mets

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Q: What baseball team was Billy Wagner on?
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What baseball players last name is Wagner?

billy Wagner

When and where was baseball player Billy Wagner born?

Billy Wagner was born July 25, 1971, in Marion, VA, USA.

Is billy wagner in Major League Baseball this year?

No. He is retired.

What are baseball player Billy Wagner's physical stats?

Billy Wagner is 5 feet 10 inches tall. He weighs 180 pounds. He bats left and throws left.

What is Billy Wagner's birthday?

Billy Wagner was born on July 25, 1971.

When was Billy Wagner born?

Billy Wagner was born on July 25, 1971.

Is Billy Wagner related to Honus Wagner?


How old is Billy Wagner?

Billy Wagner is 40 years old (birthdate: July 25, 1971).

When and where did baseball player Billy Wagner play?

Billy Wagner debuted on September 13, 1995, playing for the Houston Astros at Astrodome; he played his final game on October 3, 2010, playing for the Atlanta Braves at Turner Field.

Which favorite baseball team did Honus wagner play for during his legendary baseball career?

Pittsburgh Pirates.

Did billy Wagner make it to the major league baseball hall of fame?

Not Done YetIn order to be selected for Hall of Fame induction a player must be retired for at least 5 years. Billy Wagner pitched in 2009. I'm pretty sure when he is eligible he will get inducted.

Who is the current general manager of Oakland A baseball team?

Billy Beane