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Doesent really matter though its usually on the left

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Q: What arm do you wear a captain arm band on?
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Football arm bands?

Coloured arm bands denote the captain. Captains wear usually a yellow arm band.

Does Kobe Bryant wear head band?

No, Kobe Bryant does not wear a head band but he wear an arm band!!!

What is the Yellow arm band in soccer?

It is a captain armband you should see a c on it (captain).

In soccer how is the captain for each team distinguished?

The captain has a band around his arm that says capatin

Why does football player wear thin white ban on arm?

A football players wear a thin white band on the arm to protect the tendons near the elbow. The pressure from the band minimizes pain and injury to that area.

Can the captain give the arm band to a different player and stay on the filed of play?

The answer to that question is NO. The reason the coach selected the captain in the first place is probably because of his leadership qualities and skill on the field. The captain can't just ignore the coach's decision and give the band away. He must wear it throughout the ENTIRE game, unless the coach takes him out. If the coach takes him out, he must give the band to the person replacing him.

Clockwork Orange Why did Alex wear a red arm band while in prison?

to show he was the chaplains helper

Why does Robin Roberts wear an arm band on her left arm?

Hairstylist dropped curling iron on her arm.

How long do you wear a black arm band?

As long as you feel you need to, or as long as you are actively mourning the loss of a loved one.

What will you wear on your arm if you break your arm?

you will wear a cast or a brace

Where can you get a marching band cape?

To get a marching band cape, you have to be a marching band drum major. A drum major is like the captain of the band and to signify so, they wear capes with their uniforms. I'm not sure where you could buy one if that's what you're looking for.

Which arm does a boys brigade arm band go on?

The right arm