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When the defensive team in Baseball, gets two players out in one play, it is called a double play. This usually occurs when the ball is hit between the second and third base. The short stop between the second and third base throws the ball to the second baseman, who gets the runner from first base out. Then the second baseman throws the ball to the first baseman, who gets the hitter out. There are other ways that a double play can occur, however, this is the most common way.

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Q: What are two outs in once baseball game?
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What is the largest score deficit overcome by a team in the bottom of the ninth inning with two outs in a major league baseball game?

Indians were down 10 to 5 in the v9 and scored 6 runs with two outs to win it

How can you get n4outs?

have two outs in baseball and get a double play

Do hitters have a higher batting average with one or two outs in baseball?


In little League baseball game bases loaded two outs ground ball to first baseman he tagged the runner before he crossed the plate does the run at home count?

of course not

What happens if game is called in bottom of 6th inning but only two outs?

nothing happens if the game is called its called

How many rounds in baseball?

there are no rounds in baseball, just Innings, where the road team leads off batting in the top of the inning, once they get three outs, then its the other teams turn, (the home team) to bat, and their is a minimum of 9 innings in a game, if the two teams are tied after all 9 innings, you go into extra innings, which can go on until one team wins, so it can go on for 50 innings, lol, the lost baseball game in organized baseball was by the red soz minor league team and another team, the game lasted 33 innings, and took 2 days to find a winner

What major league baseball team is the best offensive team with two outs?

Philadelphia Phillies

Which player was responsible for five outs in two at-bats in a World Series game?

Clarence Mitchell

Can a player play for two teams in the same baseball game?


Describe the game of baseball?

Baseball is an athletic game in which two teams have 9 players on the field at a time. One team bats as the other fields, after the batting team gets three outs they switch. After nine times doing this (innings), the team with the most runs (points) wins the game. If tied, you play extra innings until someone wins.

What does One up and two to play mean?

If it is referring to baseball, it means you got one out, and you need two more to get three outs.

What a crucial sporting moment?

The lat two minutes of a basketball with the score being separated by only 5 points.Bottom of the ninth in a baseball game with two outs, a full count, and the score being separated by 1 run.Overtime in Hockey, Football, and Soccer.

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