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By far, American football is the most famous sport.

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Q: What are two major sports in the us?
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What are two major sports in Mexico?

Soccer and Boxing

What sports is very important to us?

Basketball, and football are the two main sports important to us

What are two major league sports in Virginia?

Volleyball and Baseball

What are two major objectives of the sports?

Beat your opponent and have fun.

Which two sports influenced football?

Soccer and Rugby were two major influences on football.

What is the largest US city without any major sports teams?

Austin, Texas

What is the most winning sports team in the last decade?

The San Antonio Spurs have the best winning percentage over the past 13 years out of the four major sports in the US.

Do the dominican repbulic play sports different from the US?

baseball and soccer are their two main sports that they play

What are your two major politcal parties?

The two major parties in the US are the Republican and the Democratic.

Who has the most valuable sports franchise in the US?

New York Yankees of major league baseball

What is a list of major US cities that have never been in a video game?

depend on the type of game.. Sports games for example probably include every major city because pretty much every major city has a sports team.

What types of Sports can be found in the Midwest States?

Sports found in the Midwest are similar to rest of the US. Major sports like baseball, football, and basketball are all commonly played by youth and adults.