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Q: What are the worst sports for your knees?
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What sports cause minimal strain on the knees?

skateboarding could be one

Who had the worst injury in sports history?

My mom

What is the worst team in sports?

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What are some good ways to strengthen my knees?

Some good ways to strengthen your knees would be to perform exercises which would strengthen the muscles around your knees. Low impact sports would help to build muscles on your knees as well.

Are the Detroit Lions the worst sports franchise?

Yes, they are.

What is Taylor Lautners bad habit?

he bounces his legs. this is what he says "I bounce my knees, but i do not have restless leg syndrome...i have many friends who bounce their knees."

What is the worst riot in sports history?

My riot, because I am a riot

What sports team is worst 4th quarter team?


Im 13 and have knock knees can you still run and do sports and things after you get the knock knee correction surgery?

Yes, you can.

What is the worst professional sports franchise?

Kansas City Royals. They really stink!

How does tension affect sports performance?

because the sports person or whoever is getting the tension gets nervous and start to think the worst

What are the different countries around world strengths and weaknesses in sports that make them the best and worst at what they do?

China is the strongest team and India is the worst team