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Q: What are the types of girth used for?
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What is a balding girth used for?

A balding girth is used to prevent the saddle from sliding and rubbing the horse, it can also be used to give the horse more movement at the elbow.

What is a girth?

Girth is the measured distance around an object. It is sometimes used to refer to the varying sizes of people and animals ("He has a larger girth than the two of them put together"). It can also used by the postal service as a means of pricing an item to ship.

What is girth weld?

circumfrencial weld is sometimes referred to as Girth weld. its just another term.

What is the average girth measurements of Arm flexed, thigh and calf girth ?

8 in girth

How was algebra used historically?

It was used to find the girth of the Holy Grail. Godzilla was the founder of Russia.

What is it called when the girth rubs the horse when it has not been cleaned?

Girth sore or Girth Galls. these can be prevented by cleaning the horse and the girth just before tacking up.

Can you ignore Gary Oak's girth?

No one can ignore his girth.

When was Girth - album - created?

Girth - album - was created in 1997.

Is a girth the same thing as a harness?

A girth is not the same as a harness. A girth is: stable gear consisting of a band around a horse's belly that holds the saddle in place. A harness is: a support consisting of an arrangement of straps attached to the horses head used for directional control. I hope this helps you!

What is a girthgall?

it is a sore in the girth area usually caused by the girth rubbing

How do you use the word girth in a sentence?

Help me measure the girth of this tree!

What is Girth measurement for a skater?

the girth 4 a skater is slim/skinny