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The three events that include jumping are: * long jump * high jump * hurdles race

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Q: What are the three jumping events in the Olympics?
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What are equestrian events in Olympics?

The events are Dressage,Eventing,and Jumping.

Do the same horses do all three events in the Olympics?

Depends what you mean... The three separate events in the Olympics are Dressage, Show Jumping and Eventing. One horse would only do one of these, but eventing is a triathalon consisting of dressage, show jumping and cross country, in which the same horse would complete all three.

What event in the Olympics has three events?

Triathalon Also Eventing which is an equestrian event which comprises dressage, cross-country and show jumping

What equestrian events will be at the 2012 Olympics?

Eventing, show jumping and dressage.

In what events at the international level do women not compete in the Olympics?

Ski Jumping

Are there horse Olympics?

There are horse events in the Olympics: Show-jumping But a so called "Horse Olympics" where horses participate in dressage,show-jumping, cross country etc are called gymkhanas.

What is the example of jumping events?

If you mean jumping events in the olympics a few examples are Long jump Standing long jump Triple jump There are quite a lot of gymnastic events that involve jumping but I dont know the names, if you type in Jumping olympic events into google your probably get a list, hope this helps

Why was footrace was the only sport in the Ancient Olympics?

It wasn't. There were a variety of events in the Ancient Olympics. For example: Pentathlon. Running / Jumping Wrestling. Boxing. Pankration. Equestrian events.

What were the events in the 2010 winter Olympics?

XC skiing, Sledding, Ski jumping, 4-man bobsled

Is Hong Kong able to host the Olympics?

As part of China, Hong Kong can host Olympic events as it did for the Beijing Olympics in 2008. The events based in Hong Kong in 2008 were the Equestrian (horseriding) events of dressage, jumping and eventing.

Why did they disband ski jumping from the Olympics?

Ski jumping has never been disbanded from the Olympics.

Are there any events in the Olympics where men and women compete alongside each other?

All horse related events e.g show jumping, but that is the only one.