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Triple Jump

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Q: Which Standard athletic competitions include four jumping events long jump high jump pole vault and which other?
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How do you earn money on petz horsez 2?

To earn money on Petz Horsez 2, a player must enter competitions. Competitions include jumping and dressage. The more challenging the competition, the more money that is awarded.

What competitions do horses do?

a horse can do many competitions like jumping, racing, rodeos, fair, trail, and much more

Which Standard athletic comp includes four jumping events long jump high jump polevault and which othre?


Is track and field a compound noun?

Yes, track and field is a compound noun; an uncountable, common noun; a word for a standard group of physical competitions that involve running, jumping, and throwing.

Are there horse competitions where one can only do cross country and not dressage and show jumping?

no but there are derbys which are show jumping courses with cross country jumps

Are Abran horses good at jumping?

Yes they are very good jumpers...They are very good show horses and many people use them for jumping competitions.

What are 2 Olympic athletic jumping events?

Long jump and high jump.

What are horse competions?

horse competitions are like show jumping cross country dressage or mixed shows

What are the olympic rules for show jumping?

The rules for international show jumping competitions are governed by the FEI ( Federation Equestre Internationale) You can check their rulebooks on their website for exact details.

What athletic events are part of the ancient alympics?

FOOT RACING, boxing, wreslting,jumping

Can you train a mustang to jump for competitions?

Yes, in the Phantom Stallion book series it says Mustangs don't jump, but they do! I know 'cause my friend owns a Mustang and competes in jumping competitions.

Are there any competitions in star stable autumn riders?

Of course!!! There is cross-country, jumping, and endurance! Get the game now!

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