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These are the sports that will be included at the next Summer Games (2012 London): * Diving * Swimming * Synchronized Swimming * Water Polo * Flatwater Canoe/Kayak * Slalom Canoe/Kayak * BMX * Mountain Biking * Road Cycling * Track Cycling * Artistic Gymnastics * Rhythmic Gymnastics * Trampoline * Beach Volleyball * Indoor Volleyball * Dressage * Eventing * Jumping * Freestyle Wrestling * Greco-Roman Wrestling * Archery * Athletics (Track and Field) * Badminton * Basketball * Boxing * Fencing * Field Hockey * Football * Handball * Judo * Modern Pentathlon * Rowing * Sailing * Table Tennis * Taekwondo * Tennis * Triathlon * Weightlifting These sports will be included at the next Winter Games (2010 Vancouver): * Figure Skating * Speed Skating * Shoer Track Speed Skating * Ice Hockey * Curling * Cross Country Skiing * Alpine Skiing * Ski Jumping * Nordic Combined Skiing * Freestyle Skiing * Snowboarding * Biathlon * Luge * Bobsleigh * Skeleton In addition, there are many sports that were included or demonstrated in the past but have not been retained for the next Games; they may be continued at any future Games the IOC sees fit.
There are currently 26 sports at the Olympics, listed below. Those in bold consist of more than one discipline/branch, and are also controlled by the same international federation:

  1. Archery
  2. Athletics
  3. Badminton
  4. Basketball
  5. Boxing
  6. Canoe/Kayak
  7. Cycling/Biking
  8. Equestrian
  9. Fencing
  10. Football
  11. Gymnastics
  12. Handball
  13. Field hockey
  14. Judo
  15. Modern Pentathlon
  16. Rowing
  17. Sailing
  18. Shooting
  19. Swimming
  20. Table Tennis
  21. Taekwondo
  22. Tennis
  23. Triathlon
  24. Volleyball
  25. Weightlifting
  26. Wrestling

Many other sports have been or will be in past and future Olympics; the above are the ones which will be in the next Games (2012 London).
the Olympic sporsts are running javali swimming relay hurdles long jump high jump pole vault horse jumping gymnistics and trampolining
There are many sports in the Olympics including swimming,basketball,soccer,fencing,diving,runing and many others

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There are many different sports that are features in the Olympic Games. Some of these include track and field, Basketball, soccer, swimming, volleyball, gymnastics, as well as skiing.

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Luge lutte bobsheigh hockey skiing

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Archery and swimming

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Q: What are the sports in the olyimpics?
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