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There are different skills involved in different sports but skills needed for all sports are:

- Co Operation

- Stamina

However for indivdual sports such as running you would need speed or when playing Basketball you would need speed, hand eye co ordination and other skills.

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Q: What are the skills needed in sport?
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What are the skills needed to be a good sports leader?

Confidence, knowledge of the sport.

What skills are needed for the sport of long jump?

accuracy and flexability

What relevant skills do a team need for sport?

No skill is needed for it just for fun.

What are the basic fundamental skills in athletics?

It depends on what sport, but co-ordination is needed for almost all sports

Is cheerleading a fomous sport?

Cheerleading is a famous sport because of its difficulty and skills needed to do it. Cheerleading is also BIG in American high school ! Hope this helps xx

What kind of skills do you need for the Olympics?

This depends on the sport you want to play during the summer or winter Olympics. The most common skills needed for any sport are endurance, drive, will to win, and the most important ones of all, team work and support.

What are skills needed in running?

skills of running

What skills are needed for a Baker?

Baking skills

What skills are needed for the skeleton sport?

The skeleton sport involves racing down an icy track, head first on a small sled. Some of the strengths needed for this sport include strength to keep your body straight as you race down the track, and speed so the racer can get a good running start before getting on the sled.

What are special skills and abilities needed to be a doctor?

What special skills and abilities needed to be a doctor?

Job skills needed to become a nurse?

Job skills needed to becomea nurse?

Why is speed needed for football players?

Football is a sport that requires many physical skills. If your are a "skills player" which means you are not a lineman, then having attributes like speed and agility are key to be able to do your job on the field.

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