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Q: What are the oldest sports still played today?
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Which sports is the oldest?

Mesoamerican Ballgame is the oldest but it's not played anymore. If you're asking for a sport that is still played today, that would be either martial arts or wresting.

Oldest American sport that is still played today?

Baseball is the oldest of the major American teamsports

What is the oldest sport still played today?

That would have to be Martial Arts and/or Wrestling.

What sports did the Ancient Greeks play that are still played today?

They still have foot races.

Is sports today are they still played right?

Be more specific!?! what are you talking about!?!

Is soccer one of the world's oldest known sports still played today?

Yes it is in fact one of the oldest sports known to this day. Many cultures claim to have invented this sport, but the real creators are the Indians. I am not sure which tribe was the master mind behind the sport, but I do know they were the creators. Hope this helps, Nux88

Is the Danish flag the oldest flag still in use today?

It is the oldest NATIONAL flag still in use - it is not the oldest flag.

What are all the sports that originated from Mexico?

Mexico invented two sports. One of them is the Mesoamerican ball game, a form of which is still played today. The other is the charreada, a type of rodeo played today in Mexico.

What sports were played in 1968?

All the same sports that are played today.

What is the oldest website on the internet? is the oldest website that is still online today

What was the original sport played in Ireland?

Hurling. It is thousands of years old and is among the oldest sports in the world. It is still extremely popular in Ireland today, but is not widespread in other countries. and Caid, the precursor to Gaelic Football. (see link) Both sports were banned when the British ruled Ireland.

Which of these state constitutions is the oldest and still in force today?

Massachusetts constitution is the oldest written constitution in force anywhere in the world today.

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