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the main reason people participate in sports is to either get fit, socialize, something to do and to have fun!

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2009-05-21 17:37:56
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Q: What are the main resons people participate in sports?
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What are the aims of the national sports festival?

The aims of national sports festival is to promote all types of sports , to mindset the people who are not allowed their children to participate in the sports to show the world how beneficial the sports in our life ? how people can grow their carrier in sports ? and how the demand of sports increasing day by day ,these are the main aims .

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What are the main sports that Chinese people play?

table tennis

What do people play as sports in Italy?

Polo is the main one

Advantages of extreme sports?

Excluding the physical benefits of such sports the main advantage and the main reason why millions of people around the world play such sports is for the reason of feeling alive. Living in the moment.

What do people do for recreation in France?

The main sports in France are soccer and rugby.

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What are the main sports people like to play?

All Sports really. Mainly Football. Tennis,Basketball,Netball. etc

What kind of sports do people play in Milan Italy?

soccer, basketball and ice hockey are the main sports played in milan

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