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Get the puck in the other team's goal.

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Q: What are the fundamentals of hockey?
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What does a hockey instructor do?

A hockey instructor teaches someone the fundamentals and techniques of the game.

Can you give me a sentence for the word hockey?

In hockey there are fundamentals you have to learn before you play.

What are the fundamentals of ice hockey?

For a player, the fundamentals are skating, passing, shooting, and puck-handling. Out of those four, I think the most important are skating and puck-handling.

What are fundamentals?

Fundamentals are the basics of anything.

How do you spell fundamentals?

Fundamentals is the correct spelling.

What are the fundamentals of application software?

Fundamentals of Application software?

What is the plural of fundamental?

The plural of fundamental is fundamentals. As in "these fundamentals are important".

What are the fundamentals for peaceful living?

The fundamentals for peaceful living are tolerance and equality.

What were considered the four fundamentals of the natural world in ancient Greece?


What are the four fundamentals?

addition,subtraction,division and multiplication are the four fundamentals in maths.

Could you state project - fundamentals of application software?

fundamentals of Application software

How do you use the word fundamentals in sentence?

Fundamentals are the basics, what is needed for the thing to move any further. Here are some sentences.These classes are the fundamentals of your education.The fundamentals of this job include being on time, working hard, and obeying your manager.He could not figure out the fundamentals of chemistry, so he failed the class.

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