What are the deities in the first 2 Majesty games?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The deities in the first two Majesty games from the Majesty franchise are as followes:

Krolm - the god of the wilds and father of all gods.

Lunord- the god of the moon and wind, son of Krolm, brother of Helia

Helia- the goddess of sun and fire, daughter of Krolm and sister of Lunord

Agrela - goddess of life and peace, daughter of Lunord and Helia

Dauros- god of Law and Order, son of Lunord and Helia

Krypta- goddess of death and darkness, daughter of Helia and Lunord

Fervus - both genders, god/goddess of nature and creatures, son/daughter of Lunord and Helia.

Agrela, Dauros, Krypta and Fervus were actually created by incest, their parents, Helia and Lunord being brothers. It appears that Helia and Lunord had other 3 bastard child's, from wich only one rised to the rank of "god", Grum-Gog, lord of pestilence and god of the goblins. The other two are Url Shekk, the three-headed beast, and Rrongol the Hunter, a lizard-like humanoid.

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Q: What are the deities in the first 2 Majesty games?
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