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The satchel purse - The satchel purse is a scaled-down version of this that loses the two shoulder straps for the over the shoulder strap. The satchel purse also features an adjustable shoulder strap, a flap covering, and numerous stylish pockets that outline the front exterior of the bag.

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To put it over someone's face
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The Characteristics of a satchel bag are they generally only have one strap which the user wears over their shoulder or across their body. They are generally made from leather or cloth. They also generally have a flap which originates from the back of the bag and comes over the top to be fastened on the front of the bag.

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A satchel is a bag with a strap.

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Q: What are the characteristics of a satchel bag?
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What is the synonym of satchel?

A briefcase, case, or bag

What is a satchel?

A satchel is a bag with one or two shoulder straps, especially used to carry books.

Is satchel a noun?

Yes, the word 'satchel' is a noun; a word for a bag carried on the shoulder by a long strap; a word for a thing.

A small bag often with a shoulder strap?

Back pack? hand bag? Satchel Bag? Wedding Bags? Purse lingo? Laptop Bag? Duffle bag? Sling Bag? Tote?

Meaning of satchel?

A little sack or bag for carrying papers, books, or small articles of wearing apparel; a hand bag.

How do you say school bag in Japanese?

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What is Santa's bag called?

His satchel, commonly known as his bag of gifts.Some people call it his sack of toys!

Is mail an acronym?

No, mail is a normal word derived from an old word for satchel or bag.

Was the overnite leather bag that a locomotive engineer carried called a satchel?

no it was called a grip

What are the most common types of handbags?

Some common handbags include the tote bag (also called shopper's bag), hobo bag, and satchel. The tote bag has adjustable straps and an easily accessed top-zipper, making it ideal for shopping. The hobo bag is crescent shaped and has a large amount of room. Lastly, the satchel has various compartments. For other common handbags, check Love That Bag.

What is the difference between a satchel and a messenger bag?

A satchel is a bag, often with a strap. The strap is often worn so that it diagonally crosses the body, with the bag hanging on the opposite hip, rather than hanging directly down from the shoulder. They are traditionally used for carrying books. ... Unlike a briefcase, a satchel is soft-sided.