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It is good to have a high lung capacity because you can hold your breath for longer if you are in water of out plus it is alot easier to breath.

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Q: What are the benefits of having a high lung capacity?
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What is Usain Bolt Lung Capacity?

very high

How can you stay underwater naturally for longer?

You will need a lot of lung capacity. Those with a high lung capacity can hold their breaths longer than others. People can get a higher lung capacity by staying in shape and or practicing holding their breath.

Is lung capacity better higher or lower?

Higher. This means your lungs can hold more air.

What are the benefits of an increased lung capacity?

a good lung capacity has to have room and a large chest cavity

What disorders increase a person lung capacity?

Lung capacity can not be increased by a disorder.

How did my tidal and vital lung capacity differ?

My tidal lung capacity was lower. I know the difference because in the tidal lung capacity you are taking in less breath. When you are doing the vital lung capacity, you take in more breath.

What is lung capacity decreases?

it has lung cancer

What is the effect of execersing on the rate of inhalation on lung capacity?

Exercising increases the lung capacity.

What is lung capacity meant by?

Your total lung capacity is the total volume of the lung after maximum inspiration. (average 6 litres).

What organs would affect lung capacity?

The lungs and heart, when diseased or injured could decrease lung capacity. Obesity would also reduce lung capacity

What is vital lung capacity?

vital lung capacity is how much air remains in your lungs after you exhale

What is the lung capacity of a goat?

The lungs are the organs used in breathing. It is not known what the lung capacity of a pig is.