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Getting trans for elves and giants.

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Q: What are the ancient medals in mabinogi for?
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What is the definition of Mabinogi?

Mabinogi can be simply translated as "The Song of Bards" or Bards can be known as Mabinogi.

Who suddie ancient medals?

Arnando Clotese discovered the suddie medals

How can you play Mabinogi?

Go to google and search mabinogi, then download it...

When was Music for the Mabinogi created?

Music for the Mabinogi was created in 1983.

What are some Mabinogi cheats?

There are no cheats for mabinogi but if you want you can hack it.

What is the mabinogi music score for goldenrod city?

Mabinogi world has it.

What is the duration of Y Mabinogi?

The duration of Y Mabinogi is 1.8 hours.

How many medals are there in the ancient Olympics?


Is there a Mabinogi app for the iPod Touch?

No, there isn't currently an app for mabinogi. Sorry .

When was Y Mabinogi created?

Y Mabinogi was created on 2003-06-27.

How do you make a tent in mabinogi?

Buy a campfire kit in the mabinogi cash shop.

What did both Modern and Ancient Olympics do?

Award medals!