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Advantages of televised sports include allowing a wide variety of people to watch it and having a variety of sporting events for viewers to watch. Disadvantages include it not being as exciting as being at the game and missing some parts of the game.

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well the team/arena will get a lot of bucks from it, it brings a whole lot of support to the athlete/team, and they would go crazy if a performer got a victory such as a goal or something.


the performer would have a lot of pressure on them as not wanting to disappoint your fans, spectators are actually very distracting to some performers; they could go wild if your having possession of the ball which could put you off. They could cause a riot with the opposing team which wouldn't be very nice

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You get exercise

If your in school, you might get out early for games

Their are a lot of different sports

You can hang out with your friends

You can got to higher levels such as State or Nationals


You have to do a lot of work

You might not be fit for the sport you want to try

You might want to play a sport your friends are playing but you don't like that sport

You might not get good grades and get ineligable

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Watching tv on sports to false imagination. As, we watch football on TV and then day by day we get addicted to it . Then one day we will think that we can also become a great player like Messi, but sometimes it's possible!! Yes , if we practice we can win, but not always!!

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CCL- Celebrity Cricket League, brings together India's biggest entertainment industries- Cricket and Films, where India's top actors showcase their cricketing skills on-field in nail-biting and a run to the finish games, to the audiences delight.

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Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of spectators at a sports event?
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