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ju-jitsu, jai alai
· jai-ali

· javelin throw

· judo
judo, javelin
Jai Alai, a sport that originated in Basque is played an bet on in many places, including the United States.

Judo, this is a sport kind of like karate and tai kwon do.

Jump rope is also a competitive sport.

jet ski
Some sports starting with the letter J are:

  • Judo.
  • Jousting.
  • Jai Alai.

Sports beginning with J include:
  • jai alai
  • judo
  • jiu jitsu
  • jump rope

Juggling Jogging Jumpng Jiving
Javelin Toss Jai Lai
There's Judo, Jousting, Jogging, Jorkeyball and Jump rope
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I need a sport that starts with J and ends with K
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Jai alai is an example of a sport whose spelling begins with the letter "j."

Specifically, the sport comes from the Basque Country whose provinces cluster around both sides of the France-Spain international boundary. The name dates from its launching in 1875 by Donostia/San Sebastián-born Basque lyricist, mining engineer, and poet Serafin Baroja (September 22, 1840 - July 16, 1912). It may refer to the sport and to its venue, an open-walled court.

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jai alai

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Q: What are some sports that begin with the letter J?
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