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Some of the most popular rug companies in the US are the American Home Rug Company, the Great Carpet Company, and America's Rugs. They can be found in local stores or online at Amazon.

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Q: What are some of the most popular rug companies in the US?
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What are some rug cleaner companies?

"Some rug cleaner companies include Stanley Steemer, Pro Clean, The Australian Carpet Cleaning Services, Kiwi Services, and Deep Steam Cleaning, and Steamers."

Who does the best rug cleaning?

"Rug cleaning can be extremely specialized and many companies are available. Not all companies clean expensive oriental rugs. Stanley Steemer , ChemDry, and Sears are very popular choices for rug cleaning, but it is always suggested to check with your particular rug brands manufacturer for their recommendations, as cleaning with the wrong solutions can permanently damage your rug."

Is there a way to repair my living room rug if my cat has shredded through it, or do I need to just buy all new carpet?

It depends on the extent of the damage and the material of the rug. Check some local rug and carpet repair companies and see if it is salvageable.

Who are some of the leading companies who produce steam cleaning machines?

Some of the leading companies who produce steam-cleaning machines include Daimer Industries, Bissel, Hoover, Rug Doctor, Dyson, and the Stanley Steemer Company.

What companies make a genuine cow hide rug?

The most popular company for genuine cow hide rugs is Rawhide Company, an online retailer that is based in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. They offer free shipping within the continental US and will ship to most countries outside of the US as well.

What is a Dhurrie rug?

A Dhurrie rug is a flatwoven or kelim rug from India. They are generally coarser in weave and very plain in pattern. Dhurries were extremely popular in the 1980s and early 1990s.

Where can one purchase a tiger striped rug?

There are many places where one can purchase a tiger striped rug. One can purchase a tiger striped rug at popular on the web sources such as Macy's and Wayfair.

What is a sentence for rug?

I do not like this rug.The puppy had an accident on the rug.

What are the daily costs of a rug doctor carpet shampooer?

"This depends on where you are, which place you rent it from, and other factors. Different companies will set their own prices for the rug doctor carpet shampooer."

What is a reversible rug?

A reversible carpet or rug can be used in many ways. One popular way one could use a reversible rug is in a foyer of a house. The rug may have one picture printed on one side and a solid color on the other. It can be used also on furniture as a covering.

Which online site is a popular place to purchase Rug Runners?

The following online websites are very popular channels for buying Rug Runners: Wayfair - This is a very well-known home decoration website that covers rug runners of various sizes and styles. There is a wide variety and reasonable prices. Overstock - This website sells various home goods at discounted prices, including a large number of rug runners. There are often discounts. Houzz - This is a website that focuses on home decoration design, and its rug runner section is also rich. You can choose according to the style of the room and your needs.

Where is the Rug Gallery located?

There are many Rug Gallery stores located through the US. Some examples of these places include Adib's Rug Gallery in Utah, and Palace Rug Gallery in Washington.