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It is simply air that has been heated. Hence the name
hot air balloons are filled with hot air from a propane tank

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Q: What are hot air balloons filled with?
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Is hot air balloons filled with helium?

No, it is filled with heated air.

How air balloons float?

They are filled with hot air. The hot air raises and take the balloon with it

What does a hot air balloons look like?

It look's like a ballon filled with hot air

What source is used to fly hot air balloons?

Wind !... The balloons are filled with hot air, which causes them to rise. They are then at the mercy f the wind direction.

What gas do hot air balloons contain?

Hot air balloons are typically filled with heated air, which is lighter than the surrounding air and provides lift. Some balloons may also use helium or hydrogen gas for buoyancy, but hot air is the most commonly used lifting gas for traditional hot air balloons.

When balloons are filled with this they are lighter than air?

Hot air, hydrogen or helium are lighter than cold air.

When balloons are filled with this they are lighter than air.?

Hot air, hydrogen or helium are lighter than cold air.

What is added to balloons and hot air balloons?

Balloons can be filled with air (don't float), or with hydrogen or helium (float because the gas is less dense). Hot air balloons use burners to heat the air so that it becomes slightly less dense than the cooler air around it, providing some lift.

If Two balloons a and b are filled with hot air and cold air respectively how would you compare their densities?


Which gas do you use for hot air balloons?

Hot air balloons typically use propane gas as a fuel source for the burner that heats the air inside the balloon envelope. The propane is burned to heat the air, which causes the balloon to rise.

What do balloons have inside?

Some balloons just have air (the inflated ones used as decorations). The ones that rise in the air are filled with helium, a gas much less dense than air. The large balloons that carry people aloft are lifted by hot air, using propane burners. Hot air is also less dense than cooler air. The weather balloons that rise to great heights are filled with helium or other gases, and some inevitably pop when they expand to their limit in the upper atmosphere.

When where balloon invented?

That rather depends on the type of balloon: toy balloon, manned or unmanned balloons, gas-filled, air-filled or hot-air filled balloons. Kongming lanterns (or Chinese lanterns) were used as early as 220CE, and are a type of hot-air balloon. They were originally used for signalling and were unmanned. However, there is speculation that the Nazca culture of Peru were using tethered, manned hot air balloons up to 2000 years ago in order to assist in the design of the Nazca ground lines and figures. Manned, hot-air balloons were "officially" invented in December 1782 by the Montgolfier brothers, with the first untethered, manned flight occurring in November 1783. The first hydrogen-filled balloon took flight on August 27, 1783. Air-filled balloons are typically unmanned, toy balloons. Originally, animal stomachs and intestines were used and Galileo (1564-1642) inflated a pigs bladder to try and determine the weight of air. Rubber balloons were invented in 1824 by Michael Faraday.