What are facts about taste?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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you will only taste something if you swallow siliva first butterflies taste with their feet leapords are the only animals that cannot taste there are 4 kinds of taste -salty -sweet -bitter -sour THANK YOU

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Q: What are facts about taste?
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What are facts taste?

you have 10,000 taste budstaste is the weakest of the 5 senses

What are an facts about ducks?

They taste like chicken!

What are facts about pears?

they taste good with nutella

What are facts about almond cookies?

it taste so so deciduous!

What are facts about romantic era of music?

turds taste good

What are fascinating facts about Virginia?

It taste sorta like a salty pennny

What are facts about honey?

honey is sticky, yellowy orangy, and taste like chocolate no I'm kidding it taste like yellowy goodness

What are facts about traditional clothing in Italy?

Traditional clothing in Italy is sexy....... and it taste good.....

What are three facts about butterflies?

Butterflies taste with their feet, their wings are transparent, and all butterflies live on a liquid diet. There are many interesting facts about butterflies.

What are facts about the 5 senses?

hi smell:taste is 75% smell taste:taste buds help us taste.

What are some food facts about scallops? must cook it properlysmaller scallops taste A LOT better

Fun facts 5 senses?

smell hear feel see taste thoose are the five senses