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Gymnastics, trampolining, figure skating

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Q: What are examples of sports that can use erector spine?
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What sports use endurance?

any sport that is long distance. examples, marathons and swimming laps are endurance sports.

How do starfish use their spine?

a starfish does not have a spine.

Sports that use the anaerobic energy system?

Football, Basketball, Rugby, Hockey and Soccer are all examples of anaerobic sports.

What specific sports use Dynamic Balance?

Gymnastics, Golf and Tai Chi are 3 examples!

What invertebrates has a fleshy pad for movement?

Invertebrates are creatures without a spine. Many use a fleshy pad for movement. Some examples are a slug or a snail.

Examples of a sports ladder where percentages aren't used?

Most of the European sports don't use percentages. Cricket, both codes of Rugby, Soccer etc etc There is only really the main American sports that use percentages at all.

What do catfish use their spine for?


What are macro invertibrates?

Macro invertebrates are organisms with no backbone or spine that can be seen without the use of microscope. The best examples are flatworms, crayfish, snails, clams and dragonflies.

What do spotted scorpions fish use to protect them?

They use their spine.

What structure does a penguin use to move?


How did spinosaurus got is name?

it Called Spinosaurus Because their spine on their Back. Spinosaurus use their Spine to Control it Temperature.

How do you use 'spine' in a sentence?

A spine is a backbone of a skeletal structure. This can be a literal line of bones, the part of a book where the pages meet, or it can mean courage or nerve. Here are some examples:That patient has a broken spine, so he cannot walk.Grow a spine and stand up to that bully!I went to a chiropractor to get my spine adjusted.Show your spine, Private!But a jellyfish HAS no spine, Sergeant...

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