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Net sports are games that you play where there are a net, squash Badminton etc... Striking and fielding are games where you simply have to strike other players or play part as a fielder e.g. cricket, rounders, Baseball, softball etc...

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Q: What are Net striking or fielding sports?
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What are the classification of sports?

The classifications are striking/fielding games, net/wall games, invasion games, and target games.

What are the characteristics of striking and fielding games?

Striking/fielding games are games that involve one offensive team and one defensive team. The offensive (or striking) team has to hit an object into a designated area. The defensive (or fielding) team has to catch the object. Examples of striking/fielding games include baseball and cricket.

Why is striking important for pe?

Striking is important because it helps you with other sports and activities.

What are the types of contact sports?

Their is 3 different types of sports which are: Invasion,Striking and fielding, Net/wall sports. hope this helped :) From a 11 year old xxx

Why is striking important in sports?

so you either get in or out :)

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What sports are played without a ball and a net?

BaseballSoftballIce hockey (played with a puck and a net)American footballGolfPolo

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