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Chariot Racing,javelin,discus and pankration

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Spageti belly and boobie jugling

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Q: What ancient oylmpics sports are not held in the modern oylmpics?
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Where was the 2008 oylmpics held?


When was the last time the oylmpics was held in Australia?


When was the first oylmpics?

the "modern day" Olypics were first held in 1896

What years has London held the oylmpics?

1908, 1948 and 2012.

When did the oylmpics first start?

They were held in London in the 1800's.

How many people antend in the athletics and the oylmpics?

how many people attend in the athletics and the oylmpics this year 2008? what kind of experience have? where was the first athletics held?

What sports were held at the ancient Olympic Games?

mums home

Which ancient Greek city was host to the ancient Olympic Games?

The first sports event called the Olympic games in the modern era was held in Much Wenlock (a village in England) in 1850. The first Olympiad organised by the IOC was held in Athens in 1896.

How often were the ancient Olympics held how often are the modern Olympics held?

both are/were held every 4 years, or as the ancient Greeks called it, every olympiad

What modern day country held ancient Babylonia?


Where was the modern first games held?

The first modern Olympic games were held in Athens in 1986 but the the first ancient olympic games were held in Olympia 776BC

Ancient and modern olympic games?

The Olympic games originated in Ancient Greece where they were held every four years as a festival of Zeus. They were held from 776 to BCE to 393 CE. The modern Olympics revived these ancient games in 1896 and have been held off and on ever since.