What SPORT does st trinians play?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What SPORT does st trinians play?
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Which goth does Paloma Faith play in st Trinians 2?

She is only in St. Trinians, not the sequel.

Why is St. Trinians a 15?

St trinians is not a 15, St trinians 1 is a 12 and st Trinians 2 is a pg

Why does a man play the headmistres in st trinians?

He's hiding out

Who does Colin Firth play in st trinians?

Yes, he plays Geoffrey.

How will you know if you are in st trinians 3?

When is st trinians 3 in cinema

Where was the original St Trinians filmed?

where was the original st. trinians film filmed

Was pink in st trinians?

No but, Sarah from Girl Aloud was (St Trinians 2)

The first film of the st trinians films?

'The Belles of St Trinians' (1954) was the first film.

Is there going to be a st trinians 2?

Yes, there is a St. Trinians 2 that is to be released on the 18th December, 2009.

When is st trinians 3 in cinema?

I heard Kelly will be a teacher in St. Trinians school. She will be a Flash's girlfriend too ;)

When is St trinians out in cinemas?

Wheon is St Trinians out in the cinemasSt Trinians The Legend of Frittons Gold is already out in the cinema. And may I say, it is way better than the first one :)

When is st trinians coming out on dvd in australia?

St trinians comes out on DVD in Australia on the 24 of September 2008 xx