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It was the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, Korea.

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Q: What Olympics did Greg Louganis bang his head?
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Which American diver won a double gold at the 1988 Seoul Olympics in spite of hitting his head on the 3-m springboard?

greg louganis

Who won back-to-back titles on both diving events in the 1988 Summer Olympics?

In 1984, Greg Louganis won two Olympic gold medals after hitting the springboard with his head in the 3-m event final.

Who hit their head on the high dive during olympic competition?

At the 1988 Summer Games in Seoul, Greg Louganis' head struck the springboard in the preliminary round of the three meter springboard diving competition while attempting a reverse 2 1/2 in the pike position. The resulting cut required stitches. Louganis qualified for the finals and became the first diver in Olympic history to defend an Olympic springboard title when he won the gold medal.

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