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The high jump.

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Q: What Olympic event that might use a fosbury flop?
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In what Olympic event might they use a fosbury flop?

High Jump is the Olympic event that the Fosbury Flop is used in.

What sporting event has fosbury flop?

Dick Fosbury created the Fosbury flop. The sporting event is high jump.

In which sporting event did dick fosbruy create the 'fosbury flop'?

Dick Fosbruy brought the "fosbury flop" to wide attention when he used it to win the gold medal in the high jump event at the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico.

In which sporting event did dick fosbury create the fosbury flop?

The high jump.

In which sporting event did dick fosbury creat the fosbury flop?

I believe that it is high jump in the track and field :D

In which sporting event did dick fodbury create the fosbury flop?

High Jump

In which sporting event did dick frosbury create the 'fosbury flop'?

High Jump

In which olympic event might use a fosbury flop?

High jump. The Fosbury Flop was named for its inventor, Dick Fosbury of the United States, in the 1960s and is the technique used by all high jumpers today. The Flop is where the jumper runs diagonally towards the bar, jumps, and turns over crossing the bar face up and head first. Prior to the Flop, jumpers used the Straddle technique which is where they would cross the bar from the side with their left/right side crossing the bar first and their entire body over the bar at one time.

What is Dick Fosbury famous for?

the fosbury flop in high jump, track and field

What is the name of the Olympic Gold star winner in the high jump who invented the flop?

Dick Fosbury, high jump gold medal winner at the 1968 Summer Games in Mexico City, is credited with having invented the form of high jumping called the flop and was originally known as the Fosbury Flop.

What olympic event might you see a Frosby Flop?

Track and Field, named after Dick Frosby.

High jump methods?

Best: Fosbury Flop

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