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There are too many players from Ohio to name here so I have provided a link to a list that I found.

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Q: What NFL players were born in Ohio?
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Who are the Ohio state players in the NFL?

There are 3 linebackers on the Rams from Ohio State

What state has the most players in the NFL as of 2007?


Who has more NFL players Ohio state university or lsu?

Ohio state university

Which college currently has most players in NFL?

Ohio state

Who are the name of the Ohio state football players in the nfl?


How many Ohio State Players were selected in the 2004 NFL Draft?


How many people from Massillon went to the NFL?

Massillon, Ohio, has had 23 football players go on to play in the NFL.

How many Ohio state buckeyes in the NFL?

There are 43 former Ohio State football players on active rosters in the NFL. The third most by any team in the NCAA.

Who out of Ohio state and Michigan has NFL pro bowlers?

Both teams have had many players play in the NFL Pro Bowl.

Which state has the most NFL players?

California, Texas, Florida, Ohio, Georgia, Lousiana

What college football team had 44 players go to the NFL?

Ohio State University

What college has the most players to play in the nfl?

Purdue then Notre Dame